Jogini Falls : Manali

Walk  upward along The Beas River approx 4 km from Manali, and you come across the village Bhang. You could drive to Bhang or take a leisurely walk before the short, off road hike, to Jogini Falls. Since we were in a hurry, we drove to Bhang.  The entrance to the village is a narrow lane of cobbled stones, which you can easily miss.  As you enter the path, the village homes with their small and large Apple Orchids pass by. We went in the Apple season, September, therefore the trees were laden with ready to pluck red, mouthwatering Apples. As we move up , the  cobbled stone path turns to a dirt track steadily climbing up.



















The dirt path narrows down to an uneven strip where you have walk in a single file, over rocks, and slippery loose stone. The small rivulet from the Falls , flows by, sometimes along our path and at other times disappearing behind the rocks and the foliage.










About 100m after the village ends one comes across a cluster of small rooms surrounded by high walls and barbed wire. A lot of large pipes entering and leaving these small rooms. On talking to the villagers, we were told that a private company was setting up a micro hydel project for generation of electricity using the flow of the Jogini falls. But the Villagers objected and the work has stopped since then.

































After about a 500 mts, mildly treacherous climb, we reach the Jogini Falls.






















It was a great sight. The roar of falling water and quietness of the mountains. you can see the pieces of the pipeline which was being laid for the micro hydel project.












You can take a rocky path from Jogini falls to Vashisht temple and hot springs or walk back through Bhang Village to the Main road.












As we returned back through the village , we realized that non of the houses, big or small, in the village have fresh water. The entire village fulfills their daily water requirement from the public piped water of the Jogini falls.

A short exciting hike, a great place for a picnic, a great view.











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