The worlds cheapest countries to fly

The world’s cheapest country to fly is India thanks to a domestic market battling cutthroat competition.

Berlin based travel search website, GoEuro, conducted a global transportation survey of 51 countries across 5 continents examining the average price to travel per 100 kilometres.

According to the results India came up trumps costing just $11.10 on average to travel 100 kilometres on a commercial flight. That’s about a third of the cost of flights in the UK and less than one thirteenth of the cost of flying in the most expensive country in the world, Finland, where it costs $149.05 to fly the same distance.

India is in the grip of an airfare war as airlines compete for the country’s growing middle class sector. The number of domestic travellers is projected to triple to 159 million by 2021.

However the competition is also crippling the airlines who over the last seven years have estimated to have lost $22 every time a passenger steps on board. From intense price competition to exorbitant operating costs including high airport and fuel taxes, the national carriers have been locked in a battle for survival.

AirAsia’s recent entry into the Indian market will further exacerbate the competition and domestic carriers are aggressively launching a price war. SpiceJet, India’s second largest airline by market share, recently launched an early bird special offering one way fares to various destinations across the country for as low as $8.84 (RS499).

In fact, airfares in India are so cheap that its now cheaper to travel by air than take the train. According to the survey, a 100 kilometre train journey in India costs $15.98. A bus journey over the same distance costs $6.17.

The second cheapest country for air travel was Malaysia, where the cost was an average $12.27 to fly 100 kilometres, South Africa was third at $12.48 and Australia was number four costing $13.09 over the same distance.

So where should you avoid flying if you don’t want to burn a hole in your hip pocket? Finland was followed closely by Switzerland as the second most expensive country at $134.21. Third place was claimed by Lithuania whose air travel averaged $125.25.

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