Araku Valley India – A lesser known Destination

After a spell of rains, its time to pack your bags and move to the Araku Valley. What you see is a vast expanse of flat land surrounded by the endless hills of the towering Eastern Ghats, the Araku Valley greets you with fresh air, solitude, tribal hamlets and a smattering of resorts. Araku Valley is 120 km from Visakhapatnam. The drive through the winding ghat roads, undulating green hills and the mild aroma of coffee from the numerous plantations sprinkled across the valley, is refreshing and rejuvenating. The lush green landscape and the salubrious climate of Araku Valley have been a major draw. Nestled in the Eastern Ghats, the valley has numerous cascading waterfalls and gushing streams. The area of the valley is roughly 36-km and the altitude is between 600 and 900m above the sea level.

The journey to Araku valley is most enjoyable when you travel by both rail and road. Ideally take the rail when going and return by road. While the road, covered by thick jungle on both sides, snakes through the Anantagiri range, the rail takes you through 58 tunnels and over 84 bridges. The engineering marvel of the the East Coast Railway will leave you awestruck. There is only one train that leaves Visakhapatnam early in the morning and returns late at night

About 75 km from Visakhapatnam and on the way to Araku is Tyda engulfed by lush green forests. This place is a natural bounty of flora & fauna and a great stop for trekkers, hikers and bird watchers.

The next stop would be the million-year-old Borra Caves,  These limestone caves are spread over the Eastern Ghats and occupy an area of 2 square kilometers. The Borra caves are breathtakingly beautiful and the natural formation of these caves is also unique. Located deep in the Earth, The beauty of the stalactites and stalagmites inside the caves, that have stood the test of millennia, have now been enhanced with a thematic lighting scheme.

Then there is Galikondalu viewpoint. Located at a height of about 3,800 ft above sea level, the highest point in the Anantagiri range offers a fascinating view of the entire valley. Thatiguda, Katiki and Chaaparai are some of the many stunning cascading waterfalls in this region. Padmapuram Gardens, a botanical garden, and the Tribal Museum at Araku are also a must-see. Apart from showcasing the lifestyles of the primitive tribal groups, the museum also features tribal art.

With gushing rivulets, surging waterfalls, plantations and swathes of green fields sprinkled with small villages, Araku Valley is balm for the soul.

Next few months is the ideal time to visit Araku Valley. If interested contact Road2Travel


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