France Tourism to promote “The Hundred Foot Journey” in India

Tourism boards of other countries are now following the route taken by Hong Kong Tourism for promotions in India. HKTB actually produced short movies based on a novel by an Indian author. The short movie “Hold my hand” is shot in Hong Kong and Showcases the city as a backdrop to a love story. The France Tourism Development Agency, has partnered with Reliance Big Entertainment to promote the upcoming movie, “The Hundred Foot Journey”, in India. Through this association, movie-goers at PVR Cinemas can avail of the opportunity to visit France by participating in a contest, supported by Air France, Midi Pyrenees Regional Tourist Board, and Hyatt Regency Paris.

The movie is set in France and is shot extensively in the Midi Pyrenees Region in South West France. the Midi Pyrenees region has never been depicted so beautifully on Indian movie screens. The Hundred Foot Journey brilliantly showcases the many treasures of the region such as the picture-perfect locales of St Antonin Noble Val where the movie has been shot and it gives the Indian audience a chance to explore the beauty and heritage of France like never before.

The Hundred Foot Journey is directed by Lesse Hallstrom and stars Helen Mirren, Om Puri and Manish Dayal in the lead. The movie tracks the story of the Kadam family who settle down in a small village of the Midi Pyrenees in France and open a traditional Indian restaurant just opposite a Michelin-starred French restaurant.

100 foot



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