Wellness Tourism Destination: Kerala, India

Kerala – Gods own country : Wedged between the Arabian Sea on the West and the Western Ghats on the East , the narrow strip of land is known as Kerala. The beauty of the famous beaches of Kovalam and Varkala, the majesty of the hills of Munnar and Vagamon, the   backwaters of Kumarakom & Alleppey (also called Venice of the East) and the enchanting woods and forests of the Periyar will have you bowled over. That such a small terrain can hold diverse geographical features and cultures is a wonder in itself.

The wonder does not end with the geographical diversity of the land. Kerala is the only State in India which practices the system of Ayurveda – the science of life and longevity- with absolute dedication. Thus almost all the contemporary procedures and practices of Ayurveda have evolved in and around Kerala.

Ayurveda – harmony of body, mind and soul : developed in India some 5000 years ago. Ayurveda is the oldest healthcare system in the world and it combines medicine and philosophy. Ayurveda has stood for the physical, mental and spiritual growth of humanity around the world. Today, it’s a unique, branch of medicine, a completely natural system : Total Wellness.

Kerala, the Land of Ayurveda : Ayurveda Vaidyas (traditional practitioners of Ayurveda) were almost the only access for people seeking healing from every kind of disease in Kerala. Ayurveda in Kerala is a mainstream medicinal system and is practiced with absolute dedication even today. Keralas climate, natural abundance of forests and the cool monsoon season are best suited for Ayurveda’s Wellness therapies. In Kerala a temperature of 24-28 degrees is maintained during a period of continuous rain. This prevalence of moisture in the air and on the surface of the skin makes it the ideal place for natural medicines to work at their best. The land is also blessed with innumerous medicinal plants and provides the continuity and consistency of Ayurveda medicines. The same herbs with the same potency are available year after year across every season.

Ayurveda rejuvenation thereapy : Tones up the skin and rejuvenates and strengthens all the tissues so as to achieve ideal health and longevity. Increases ‘Ojas’ (primary vitality) and improves ‘Sattva’ (mental clarity) and thereby increases the resistance of the body. This therapy consists of

Abhyangam : A unique massage, which rejuvenates and balances the energies.

Snehadhara : Rightly named the Stream of Love, this involves pouring warm medicated oil in a rhythmic way and gently massaging it on the whole body.

Shirodhara : It involves pouring medicated oil (dhara) on the crucial points on forehead as prescribed by the Vedas. It provides cooling refreshment to your head recommended for stress, anxiety and sleeplessness.

Njavara Kizhi :Njavara(Special type of rice with high medical value) is cooked with herbal decoction and milk. It is made up in to boluses and tied up in cotton bags A massage with medicated oil and then with these boluses helps the body to foment, rejuvenates and tones up weak muscles.

Panchakarma Treatment :Panchakarma is Ayurveda’s primary purification and detoxification treatment. Panchakarma means “five therapies”. These 5 therapeutic treatments help remove deep rooted stress and illness-causing toxins from the body .

Most Wellness centres in Kerala provide a holistic approach to human well being. Where Ayurveda takes care of the physical side, Meditation & Yoga takes care of the Mental side.

Yoga are Mental and physical exercises meant to isolate ego from the body and mind – designed to hone your concentration, improve health and help attain peace of mind through eight stages of training

1. Yama – Disciplined behaviour

2. Niyama- Self purification

3. Asana – Bodily postures such as the lotus position

4. Pranayam – Control of breathing

5. Pratyahara – Control of the senses

6. Dharana – Fixing of the mind on a chosen object

7. Dhyana – Meditation

8. Samadhi – a state of being where you experience absolute tranquility and well being.

This combination of Ayurveda and Yoga provides the most potent Wellness mix being practiced all over the World.

No doubt Kerala is a destination of a lifetime

For your Wellness trip to Kerala Road2Travel will be an able guide.


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