Luxury Wellness Tourism : Spotlight India

Wellness tourism is travel for the purpose of promoting health and well-being through physical, psychological, and/or spiritual activities. India has been a popular travel destination for American tourists seeking serenity and spiritual growth and the Beatles pilgrimage to Rishikesh with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1969 made Transcendental Meditation famous. But in recent years, wellness travel to India has exploded.

Mia Farrow, Steve Jobs, and Oprah are just a few of the many Westerners who have flocked to India for life-changing trips to visit meditation retreats and spiritual sites. Now, India is the fastest-growing wellness travel destination, with a projected 22 percent annual growth rate. In comparison, the United States — the leading country for wellness travel — has an average annual growth rate of 5.8 percent.

Luxury wellness tourism is a reality and the numbers are staggering: according to the Global Wellness Institute, luxury wellness tourism is already a $439 billion market-or more than one in seven of all tourist dollars-and is set to grow to $678.5 billion in three short years by 2017.

India’s total wellness market is valued at $18 billion in the next four years. India’s luxury wellness tourism segment is estimated to grow nearly 50 per cent faster than the other aspects of global tourism in 2017.

The first-ever India-focused luxury wellness exhibition and seminars -Royal India Wellness, Dubai, ended on 01 August- provided a platform to 20 high-end wellness brands and therapy providers who offered a slew of packages for wellness through rejuvenation, holistic healing and prevention and reversal of lifestyle diseases.

India offers holistic wellness like no other country can. It offers the cleansing of the mind and body, and ridding of minor ailments without allopathic medication. The Indian cycle of wellness starts from identification right through to the cure. India has wealth of knowledge and medical systems to treat people and maintain their health through natural means and therapies. To go to India and detox and spend a week really feels what it’s like to be in a state of mindfulness and is life-changing.

Several upscale destination spas in India that have become popular among such travelers, and Road2Travel is uniquely placed to help plan your wellness trip to India.

Along with India, China, South Korea, Russia and Germany are some of the other top wellness tourism destinations. Still, the U.S. remains the top destination for wellness travel, with $167.1 billion in expenditures and a total of 141.4 million wellness trips taken annually (followed by Germany at 49.3 million)


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