“Hold My Hand” A Campaign by Hong Kong Tourism

A unique campaign by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has won the PATA gold award in the marketing category.

The campaign in India, “Hold My Hand,” revolves around the romantic side of Hong Kong, and what is interesting is that the campaign is based on a story by author Durjoy Datta, who has explored the attractions of the area from a romantic angle.

“Hold My Hand” is a story about Deep, a young Indian who travels to Hong Kong for studies and falls in love with Ahaana, who has been there for the last two years. Though blind since the age of five, Ahaana has been around the city with her father or a guide and has marked the places through their smells and sounds. She takes Deep around the city and shows him different places, which she herself has never seen but can recognize from her senses.

Hold My Hand is a clever and innovative proposition to promote the city, as opposed to creating a travel guide that is both expensive and just another glossy photoshopped venture to attract the wary young traveler. This is certainly an unusual theme and treatment. Earlier, the author wrote on urban India but his treatment, and HKTB handling, caught PATA’s attention which led to them getting the award this year.

HongKong is one of the few countries where Indian Tourist can get an entry visa on arrival , if stay less than 14 days. Indian tourist arrival have been increasing by 5% yearly to HongKong

Hong Kong houses a wide range of must-see attractions such as The Peak, Ocean Park Hong Kong, Hong Kong Disneyland, Clock Tower, Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, Temple Street Night Market, Ladies Market, Victoria Harbour, Ngong Ping 360, and A Symphony of Lights.

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Hong Kong Tourism Board


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